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passFIRST provides you with preparation for the First Certificate Examination
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Welcome to pass FIRST CERTIFICATE, a multimedia software program which provides you with the optimum preparation for the First Certificate Examination.
The program consists of
- Over 500 exercises in grammar and vocabulary
- Full grammar explanations and examples
- Easy-to-use help functions throughout the whole program
- Realistic listening practice
- Video sequences to help in the Speaking Part
a 5,000 word multilingual dictionary complete with sounds, explanations and example sentences. Translations are available in French, German, Greek, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.
- 5 complete sets of exams. Marks and an evaluation are given at the end of each mock exam taken.
- Lots of extra games, puzzles and activities.

Pass FIRST CERTIFICATE is part of the Pass ENGLISH EXAMS suite, the most comprehensive exam preparation software on the market today. It is the result of many years of very close collaboration between experienced examination teachers, professional programmers and analysts and an award-winning team of international designers.

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